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  • Birdnesting as a Co-Parenting Plan

    Birdnesting as a Co-Parenting Plan

    Child custody is often a topic that is hotly debated in a divorce. Both parents may want full custody. One parent may want sole custody. A parent may be trying to keep the child away from another parent with drug or alcohol addiction issues. For the most part, parents want to be a part of

  • How to Modify a Child Support Order

    How to Modify a Child Support Order

    You probably hear about “deadbeat” parents all the time. These mothers and fathers avoid paying child support and end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in back pay. Sometimes these parents are put in jail. Others lose their driver’s licenses and professional licenses. Some get their wages garnished. While many of these parents intentionally

  • Child Support and School

    Parents usually want only the best opportunities for their children. For some families, a religious or secular private education may align with a family’s beliefs or wishes for their children’s education. In such circumstances, many families find themselves making sacrifices to ensure that high tuition bills can be paid and other school-related costs are taken

  • What Happens to Back Child Support when the Non-paying Parent Dies in Florida?

    Divorces involving minor children can be difficult for all parties. It is not easy for one parent to be separated from a child, or even to have a court restrict a parent’s time with the child. There are times, however, when not everybody is as cooperative as they should be when involved in the divorce

  • The Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

    The Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

    In Florida, there are many factors involved in determining alimony payments – including the length of the marriage. Despite what many people think, courts don’t simply look at the spouses’ finances when making this type of decision. The length of your marriage can have a substantial effect on both the size of the payments, and

  • Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2: Modication of Interstate Child Support In Part I of Interstate Child Support we discussed enforcing child support orders when one, or both, parents no longer reside in Florida. But what if you want to modify your child support order? Whether you are seeking to lower your child support payments

  • Part I: Enforcement of Interstate Child Support

    Part I: Enforcement of Interstate Child Support

    An Existing Court Order The starting point for enforcement of child support payments against a parent who no longer lives in Florida begins with a child support order. An order must exist before there can be any enforcement. If you are owed child support pursuant to a divorce decree or had the courts involved in

  • Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support?

    Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support?

    Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support? When a couple with children divorces, there is almost always an award of child support.  The parents are expected to split the costs of raising the children.  Usually the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent some amount to help with the cost of housing, food, clothing and other costs

  • Modification of Child Support

    Modification of Child Support

    The obligation to pay child support is a fact of post-divorce life in Florida.  In a divorce proceeding, the courts will put an Order of Child Support in place to ensure the children are taken care of financially.  This obligation cannot be waived or contracted around, unlike other some other rights and obligations. Another fact

  • How is Child Support Calculated?

    We’re often asked “how is child support calculated?” – There are a number of factors that go into answering this question. Here are some of the things we look at to determine this: Child Support vs. Timesharing Florida takes the issue of child support very seriously.  Also keep in mind that child support and time-sharing