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  • Establishing Paternity in Florida

    Establishing Paternity in Florida

    Is your son or daughter really your biological child? If you are a mother, you likely answered yes, as maternity really can not be disputed. If you give birth to a child, it is biologically related to you. If you are a man, you may also assume your children are really yours. In fact, under

  • Sharing Child Custody During the Holidays

    Sharing Child Custody During the Holidays

    As children get ready to end summer break and go back to school, divorced parents are thinking about something else: Christmas. No, they are not thinking about buying presents and decorations already. They are thinking about custody schedules, anxious about whether or not they will get to see their children open presents on December 25.

  • Common Misconceptions About Custody

    Common Misconceptions About Custody

    Few aspects of the divorce process can be described as easy. Most people know that divorce will be challenging and take that into consideration before making the difficult decision to pursue divorce. However, knowing that divorce can and will be difficult does not always prepare people for the challenges divorce can present. One of the

  • Addressing Your Child’s Post-Divorce Concerns

    Addressing Your Child’s Post-Divorce Concerns

    Divorce is a challenging experience for everyone involved in the process. It can lead to many difficult choices, with many of them having a significant impact on child custody. When divorce presents significant obstacles, it can be easy to overlook the impact it may be having on your children. One of the most difficult parts

  • Long-Distance Custody Tips

    The Florida divorce process is filled with many important parts, but when children are involved, custody issues often take center stage. Rightfully so, considering that parents want the best for their children. You and your spouse will need to present a parenting plan to the judge prior to finalizing a custody arrangement. Parenting plans require

  • Preparing for Child Custody Proceedings

    When children are involved in a divorce, one of the most contentious issues of the divorce proceedings can often be child custody. There are many different factors that play into child custody determinations, most heavily dependent on the unique relationships involved in the divorce. While all aspects of a divorce can be extremely difficult, child

  • New App Aims to Help Families Struggling with Divorce

    Navigating divorce can be difficult, especially for families with children. It can be much more difficult to determine who is picking the kids up from school or sports practice, who is taking the kids to the doctor, when the children will spend time with grandparents, and generally learning to adapt to a new way of

  • Custody Concerns for Parents Who Travel for Work

    In today’s global economy, it is not uncommon for one or both people in a marriage to have to travel for work. Of course, some careers involve more travel than others. Sometimes work-related travel happens on a regular schedule, and sometimes it is heavier during one period of time than it is during other periods.

  • Tips for Creating Holiday Visitation Schedules

    Holidays are one of the most difficult parts of divorce. During the divorce process, they can be wrought with tension and uncertainty. Often, that does not change during the first holiday season after a divorce. In fact, holidays can often be difficult for divorced families many years after a divorce has been finalized. When approaching

  • Tips for Divorced Parents Navigating Holidays

    While we have written about this topic in the past, with the holidays fast approaching, it bears revisiting. The divorce process is difficult for every person involved in it, including both parents and children. Facing holidays for the first time after a divorce can be extremely hard, and many people do not know what to