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  • Custody and Timesharing Issues in Florida Divorce

    The divorce of two parents can touch far more than a party’s checkbook or living situations. As most people know, divorce can also affect how much contact parents might have with their children. Through a divorce, either the parents or the court will need to decide what happens to the child, and what rights a

  • The Intersection of Child Custody and Taxes

    Just as with any other matter in life, a divorce can have many far-reaching consequences that parties might not have considered beforehand. One such example includes that of taxes. Not only is a party’s available tax options limited after a divorce, there are certain options that no longer become available to a spouse, especially if

  • Can Use of Corporal Punishment Affect Child Custody in Florida?

    A majority of adults can remember a time when corporal punishment was a fairly common thing. Whether it was a rapping on the knuckles, or a full on paddling, forms of acceptable discipline for children has changed over the years. Even school systems have shown this trend against corporal punishment. Nowadays, only a minority of

  • Is It Possible to Have Joint Custody of a Pet?

    Is It Possible to Have Joint Custody of a Pet?

    Lots of people with pets will gladly tell you that they consider their pets to be members of their families. And as such, when couples with pets split up, it is increasingly common for them to seek shared custody of their pets – similar to custody arrangements for children. Some of these couples have learned,

  • The Effect of the SCRA on Child Custody

    When a servicemember who has primary custody of a child deploys they must have a family care plan that lays out who will take care of the child(ren) during their absence. A dispute over custody can arise when a third party, usually a grandparent or another close relative of the servicemember, is given physical custody

  • How Is Child Custody Determined?

    How Is Child Custody Determined?

    In Florida, when parents are getting a divorce, one of the major issues is who will have primary custody of the children.  Actually, it is not even called “primary custody” in Florida; the term used now is “time sharing.” It used to be that mothers were considered the best parent to have primary custody.  That

  • Child Custody in Florida

    Child Custody in Florida

    Learn about how the courts handle child custody cases in Florida.