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  • When Your Parents Divorce Later in Life

    When Your Parents Divorce Later in Life

    It can be devastating for a young child to experience their parents’ divorce. It upends life for many years. Many still reel from the effects years later and even find it hard to get married themselves because they fear the same fate. Even when you are grown up and living out of the family home,

  • Why You Should Not be in a Rush to Divorce

    Why You Should Not be in a Rush to Divorce

    Statistics show that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is not something to be taken lightly, though. It is a highly emotional process for all involved. It splits up a family. One household becomes two, often causing financial problems for many years. It is a permanent solution to a problem that is usually

  • Should Children Know if Infidelity Was the Cause of a Divorce?

    Should Children Know if Infidelity Was the Cause of a Divorce?

    You and your spouse are getting a divorce. The reason? Your husband is cheating on you. He has been having an affair for a few years now and you just found out. You are devastated, but ready to call it quits and move on. But you are dreading something else: What should you tell the

  • Top Secrets for a Successful Divorce

    Top Secrets for a Successful Divorce

    You think you are happily married when your spouse, out of nowhere, decides to file for a divorce. You are unprepared for this. You know that divorces can be expensive. How will you pay for one? You may think that a DIY divorce is the best bet. You know how to use the internet to

  • Separation vs. Divorce

    Separation vs. Divorce

    If you are tired of trying to make your marriage work, and therapy has not helped, your first thought may be to consider divorce. However, many people choose separation instead. A separation does not fully dissolve the marriage. You are still technically married, so you cannot date other people and legally remarry. So, why would

  • Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

    Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

    You and your spouse have been fighting for quite some time now. You no longer get along with each other and you both agree that it is time to end the marriage. There is no need to seek revenge. You do not want to fight about assets in court. You just want to get the

  • Emotional Stages of Divorce

    Emotional Stages of Divorce

    Divorce is an event that nobody wants to go through. It is a legal process full of emotions. You may be happy one minute, and then sad the next. You may spend a whole day depressed and stuck in bed, until one day, you decide to accept your situation and move on. There are many

  • Eight Rules for Dating After Divorce

    Eight Rules for Dating After Divorce

    Divorce is a stressful process. After many years of marriage and spending your life with one other person, you are now on your own. You are living by yourself and working, making your own money. If you have kids, you likely share custody with the other parent. You may be rediscovering yourself, surrounding yourself with

  • What to do When Your Grown Child Divorces

    What to do When Your Grown Child Divorces

    It can be devastating to hear that your grown child has divorced. Many parents want the best for their children, no matter how old they are, so it can be a shock to hear that they are ending their marriage, whether they just got married last year or 20 years ago. You may be upset

  • How COVID-19 can Make Property Division More Complicated

    How COVID-19 can Make Property Division More Complicated

    COVID-19 has changed the lives of Americans in many ways. People have been laid off from jobs. They have been forced to shelter in place. Being quarantined with their spouses has been challenging for many people—so much so, in fact, that many are considering divorce. However, the coronavirus crisis has made divorces more complex. Right