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  • Divorcing? There is an App for That

    Divorcing? There is an App for That

    Even in the best of situations, divorcing is neither fun nor easy. By ending your marriage, you are splitting your family in two. This means all your assets are essentially divided in half, as well. Adding to the stress is the fact that you likely have kids or are near retirement. While there is nothing

  • Does Divorce Impact Retirement?

    Does Divorce Impact Retirement?

    Ending a marriage can impact your finances in a variety of ways. Obviously, hiring a lawyer can be quite costly, but another way in which your finances can take a hit is your retirement fund. If you are in your 20s and 30s and considering divorce, you might not be too concerned about retirement. However,

  • How Divorce can Hurt Your Credit Score

    How Divorce can Hurt Your Credit Score

    If you check your credit score on a regular basis, you may notice that certain factors make it go up or down. For example, paying off a loan would make your score increase. Missing a credit card payment would cause it to drop. Going through a divorce can also cause your credit score to decline.

  • Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

    Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

    While we all hope to live happily ever after with our spouses, this goal does not always work out. Dynamics in a marriage are constantly changing. People lose their jobs. Some cheat on their spouses. Some develop addictions. Couples often fall out of love and end up going through the motions. They may live their

  • Ways to Cope With an Unwanted Divorce

    Ways to Cope With an Unwanted Divorce

    Nobody goes into marriage wanting to get divorced. As time passes, however, people sometimes change. Some develop new hobbies and interests. Some become more responsible, while their spouses become less so. Many see their spouses develop crippling addictions that end up ruining marriages. Many go through midlife crises and want to start a new life

  • Assuming a Mortgage After Divorce

    Assuming a Mortgage After Divorce

    In a divorce, one of the most sought-after possessions is the marital home. Divorce is already a stressful process, and having to move out of your house can compound that stress. If you have children, staying in the family home may be in your and their best interests, as it should provide them with a

  • Is Divorce Bad for Children?

    Is Divorce Bad for Children?

    You have probably witnessed many friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers stay in toxic marriages for the sake of their children. After all, studies have shown that the effects of divorce tend to stick with children through adulthood. Many have unresolved anger issues toward their parents. Some are unable to have normal relationships because of

  • Why Consider a Postnuptial Agreement

    Why Consider a Postnuptial Agreement

    Many couples decide to get a prenuptial agreement before getting married in order to protect assets in the event of a divorce. While this may not seem like the most romantic idea, it makes good financial sense. It can save time, heartache, and stress should the marriage not last. What if you are already married?

  • When can Alimony be Modified or Terminated?

    When can Alimony be Modified or Terminated?

    In Florida, many marriages end with one party receiving alimony from the other. Alimony is a payment awarded by the court in a divorce settlement and is meant to provide income to a spouse who makes less money. It can help that spouse attend school and work toward financial independence. Alimony is one of the

  • The Challenges of Dating After Divorce

    The Challenges of Dating After Divorce

    If you are going through a divorce, you may have friends and family members who are trying to set you up on dates. After having your relationship end after many years, dating may be the last thing on your mind. Others, however, are scared to be alone after a divorce and are more than willing