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  • Coping with Divorce: Post-Divorce Travel Trends

    There is no shortage of information and advice on how to cope with divorce once your settlement has been finalized and you are looking at taking the next steps in your new life. One noticeable trend that may have a place in how you eventually cope with your divorce is post-divorce travel and its role

  • After the Divorce: Tips for Coping

    Finalizing a divorce can be a welcome relief to everyone involved in it. Chances are, your divorce was meant to be a stepping stone to a new period in your life in which you no longer have to deal with the issues that led to your divorce. However, finalizing a divorce can actually bring about

  • Staying Together for the Kids: When is the Right Time for Divorce?

    Each marriage is unique. Each individual in a marriage faces his or her own challenges and emotions. Sometimes in a marriage, the relationship between spouses disintegrates to the point where they are more like friends – or in some cases, enemies – rather than husband and wife. When these circumstances arise, divorce might be the

  • Common Mistakes Women Make During Florida Divorces

    While traditional gender roles no longer reign supreme in Florida marriages or marriages throughout the country, and even though divorce is unique to each individual experiencing it, there are some common mistakes that women tend to make during the Florida divorce process. Men also make many of these mistakes, and this list is not exclusive

  • Common Mistakes Men Make During Florida Divorce

    Divorce can be an extremely difficult process, even for men. In fact, many men go through a wide range of emotions when it comes to divorce. As we all know, emotions can sometimes cloud a person’s judgment, which can result in that person doing something that might not be in her or his best interest.

  • Keeping Conflict Away from Children During Divorce

    Divorce can often be a contentious experience. It is never an easy process and can take an emotional toll on the strongest of individuals. It can also cause conflict that has remained under the surface to bubble up or even cause conflict to arise that did not previously exist. In the midst of divorce and

  • Florida Collaborative Divorce

    Divorce can often be a contentious process, and it is typically unpleasant for all parties no matter how good of terms you remain on with your soon-to-be ex. Lawmakers and courts continuously search for ways to make divorce more palatable, easier, and more convenient for parties involved in the process. PR Newswire reports that a

  • Breaking the News: Talking About Your Divorce

    It is difficult to break bad news to anyone, and telling people about your divorce is no exception. Most people do not get married planning to divorce, so telling those around you about your divorce can be intimidating and discouraging. Below are some helpful tips adapted from DivorceMagazine.com for talking about divorce with various people

  • Navigating High Conflict Divorce

    Divorce is a stressful process for everyone involved, no matter how amicable the relationship between spouses remains throughout. Inevitably, every divorce will have some type of conflict that arises. In situations where a divorce is rife with conflict, the process can be even more difficult. Being able to recognize and navigate a high conflict divorce

  • Steps in a Florida Divorce

    While each Florida divorce is unique to the individuals experiencing it, there are some common characteristics that apply to all divorces. For instance, most divorces go through the same basic divorce process. Understanding what happens during each phase of the Florida divorce process can help you be better prepared for those experiences, which in turn