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  • Divorce and Adopted Children

    Divorce and Adopted Children

    For many people, family is an important aspect of everyday life. Families come in many shapes and sizes, and there are a variety of paths individuals can take to create a family that meets his or her needs and objectives. Many families start with marriage. From there, many families want to expand to include a

  • Busting Five Common Divorce Myths

    Busting Five Common Divorce Myths

    For many people, family is one of the most important aspects in life. That is why the decisions people make regarding their family require so much thought and consideration. People generally do not take the decision to get married lightly, and the same goes for the decision to pursue divorce. When times get tough, divorce

  • Alimony and the New Tax Law

    Alimony and the New Tax Law

    Whenever the government takes a new approach to something, a certain amount of confusion and misunderstanding is expected. This is especially true when a new approach affects as many people as the most recent tax legislation has. In addition to taking a new approach to taxes, tax brackets, payments, and other aspects of the tax

  • Could a Sleep Divorce Improve Your Marriage?

    Could a Sleep Divorce Improve Your Marriage?

    There are many reasons why couples pursue divorce, and even more reasons why they may consider divorce. Infidelity and financial concerns are often among the most cited reasons for divorce, as well as simply having grown apart from each other. Some marriages end because of domestic violence, others because of substance abuse, and some marriages

  • Tips to Avoid Divorce

    Tips to Avoid Divorce

    Statistics surrounding divorce are often misunderstood, or at the very least misquoted. Sometimes, divorce statistics may make it seem as though divorce is inevitable, especially if you and your spouse are experiencing a difficult period in your marriage. However, a recent article from Psychology Today reminds us that that is not true. While these tips

  • To Keep or to Change: Divorce and Your Name

    To Keep or to Change: Divorce and Your Name

    What’s in a name? Well, the answer is – quite simply – a lot. That is why the status of names is often an important detail that can easily be overlooked during divorce. However, addressing it is an important part of the divorce that often has meaning for both spouses. Additionally, both spouses may have

  • Buying a Home after Divorce

    Buying a Home after Divorce

    Divorce can be a difficult experience for everyone involved. Given how much is often at stake when it comes to divorce, it is no surprise that divorce is often ranked as one of life’s most stressful experiences. Buying a home is also often found on that list. When the two concerns are combined, people may

  • Medical Marijuana and Your Divorce

    Medical Marijuana and Your Divorce

    Over the last several years, there has been momentous statewide movements across the country aimed at legalizing marijuana use. While some states have legalized recreational marijuana use, other states – like Florida – are changing the way they address medical marijuana. Recent developments in Florida have seen restrictions on medical marijuana greatly reduced, so much

  • Common Misconceptions About Custody

    Common Misconceptions About Custody

    Few aspects of the divorce process can be described as easy. Most people know that divorce will be challenging and take that into consideration before making the difficult decision to pursue divorce. However, knowing that divorce can and will be difficult does not always prepare people for the challenges divorce can present. One of the

  • Florida Family Law Appeals

    Florida Family Law Appeals

    Divorce can be a trying experience for everyone involved. Even if you and your spouse mutually decide to divorce and can communicate effectively throughout the process, there will be a great deal of give and take between the two of you. Chances are that you will not walk away from a divorce with everything that