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  • Things Not to Say to Someone Going Through a Divorce

    Often, we can become so involved in the lives of friends and family members that their experiences can begin to exhaust us. We feel compelled to offer them all of the help, advice, condolences, nights out, and extra shoulders to cry on that we can muster up. This is especially true during a divorce. While

  • Alaska Becomes First to Treat Pets Like Children in Divorce

    Many people have companion animals that play a very important role in their lives. Be it a dog, cat, iguana, horse, parakeet, ferret, or virtually any other legal animal, pets can play an extremely important role in a couple’s day-to-day life. This is especially true when a pet is jointly brought into a home by

  • Avoiding the Disneyland Dad/Mom Trap

    The divorce process can take its toll on a person mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Beyond its effects on an individual, it can quickly change the dynamics of a relationship between parents and their children. Typically, a married couple has relatively unfettered access to their children and is able to spend large amounts of time

  • Interpreting the Divorce Rate

    Many people are aware of the common adage that around half of all marriages end in divorce. The repetition of this idea has had a profound impact on how society views marriage and divorce. Recent numbers actually indicate that the divorce rate has declined, possibly to around 30%. Time.com reports that divorce rates are at their

  • Creating Workable Boundaries With Your Ex After Divorce

    Couples divorce for many reasons. Sometimes they realize quickly that the marriage was a mistake, sometimes a spouse commits an unforgiveable act, and sometimes people just grow apart. Today, it is not uncommon to find couples divorcing after just a couple weeks of marriage or later in life after many years or decades together. Whatever

  • Florida Supreme Court Changes Rules Of Procedure For Family Law

    The Supreme Court of Florida has passed amendments to the Florida family Law rules of procedure. These rules changes became effective March 16, 2017. The rule changes were a result of the family Law rules committee and the report recommending that the Florida Supreme Court adopt many amendments to the Florida family Law rules of

  • High-Asset Florida Divorce

    Divorce is never an easy process. There are so many different things each person needs to consider while simultaneously dealing with the end of a marriage. Living arrangements must be determined, property must be divided, and concerns over children must be addressed in some cases. Divorce challenges even the strongest individual mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Parental Alienation in a Florida Divorce

    The divorce process is difficult for everyone involved, and that is perhaps most true for children. Younger children often do not understand what divorce is and older children can become resentful. Parents must be aware of the impact divorce can have on their children in order to make the process as easy for children as

  • Out-of-State Issues in Florida Divorce

    Divorce is a difficult process on many levels. It is emotionally and mentally difficult, and can also be physically exhausting. It is not a decision most people arrive at lightly. However, before filing for divorce, it is important to make sure that the court you are filing for divorce in has the jurisdiction to hear

  • Bankruptcy and Divorce

    One of the most common reasons couples pursue divorce is because of financial difficulties and disagreements. Sometimes, one spouse’s spending habits can be the cause of marital tension. Other times, the loss of a job can cause financial strain. Whatever the reason for financial issues in a relationship, they can spell trouble for a couple.