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  • How Millennials are Changing Marriage and Divorce

    How Millennials are Changing Marriage and Divorce

    In the past, couples married for love. Nowadays, there needs to be more than love in order for millennials to get married. They want security, as well, and this is changing their view on marriage and how they will deal with a divorce, should one happen. Millennials are considered to be those who were born

  • Understanding Bigamy in Florida

    Understanding Bigamy in Florida

    For most people, one marriage at a time is enough. However, some people are married to multiple people and have more than one spouse at a time. Marriage to two or more people at one time is called bigamy, and it is illegal in Florida and all 50 states. Some countries do allow bigamy, but

  • How to Avoid a Divorce

    How to Avoid a Divorce

    If things have not been going too well lately with your husband or wife, you may be worried that your marriage will end in divorce. Communication and trust issues can rear their heads and cause a marriage to fail, even if you have been happily married for some time. Not every divorce is wanted. In

  • Divorcing? There is an App for That

    Divorcing? There is an App for That

    Even in the best of situations, divorcing is neither fun nor easy. By ending your marriage, you are splitting your family in two. This means all your assets are essentially divided in half, as well. Adding to the stress is the fact that you likely have kids or are near retirement. While there is nothing

  • Does Divorce Impact Retirement?

    Does Divorce Impact Retirement?

    Ending a marriage can impact your finances in a variety of ways. Obviously, hiring a lawyer can be quite costly, but another way in which your finances can take a hit is your retirement fund. If you are in your 20s and 30s and considering divorce, you might not be too concerned about retirement. However,

  • How Divorce can Hurt Your Credit Score

    How Divorce can Hurt Your Credit Score

    If you check your credit score on a regular basis, you may notice that certain factors make it go up or down. For example, paying off a loan would make your score increase. Missing a credit card payment would cause it to drop. Going through a divorce can also cause your credit score to decline.

  • Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

    Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

    While we all hope to live happily ever after with our spouses, this goal does not always work out. Dynamics in a marriage are constantly changing. People lose their jobs. Some cheat on their spouses. Some develop addictions. Couples often fall out of love and end up going through the motions. They may live their

  • Moving on After Divorce

    Moving on After Divorce

    Going through a divorce can be a painful experience, especially if you have children or you were were married for a very long time. It can be hard to start over after being with someone for so long, but the recent rise of gray divorces shows that no matter what age you get divorced, you

  • Helping Children Deal With Divorce

    Helping Children Deal With Divorce

    Divorce is never an easy process, and it can be especially complex when children are involved. Children can be resilient, but it can still take some time for them to bounce back after watching their family split apart. After all, kids thrive on routine and a divorce means many changes, including adjusting to two different

  • Issues Men Commonly Face in Divorce

    Issues Men Commonly Face in Divorce

    After a divorce, it is men who tend to be more financially well-off than women. They tend to have a better idea of finances, since they most likely have worked more throughout the marriage, while the women tend to stay home and raise children more often. Even though they may not struggle financially, men do