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  • Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Divorce

    Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Divorce

    You and your spouse have decided to file for divorce. Your first question may be: Do I need a lawyer? The answer is a resounding yes! Divorces are challenging to fight even when a lawyer is involved. You can imagine how frustrating it would be to divorce on your own, without any legal help. Unless

  • Best Interests of the Child

    Best Interests of the Child

    In divorces, there are often custody battles concerning the children. Both parents want custody and nobody is willing to compromise. In these cases, the court will decide who gets custody. The judge will consider the best interests of the child, but what exactly does this mean? This phrase comes up a lot in the courtroom,

  • Separation vs. Divorce: Pros and Cons

    Separation vs. Divorce: Pros and Cons

    When a marriage is in trouble, the first thing people tend to think of is divorce. However, separation is another possibility. While Florida does not recognize legal separation, it does allow a married couple to live separately without the need for a divorce. This is called limited divorce and can be done on three grounds

  • What to Know About Bird’s Nest Parenting

    What to Know About Bird’s Nest Parenting

    If you divorcing with children, you may be concerned about child custody matters and how they affect your kids’ well-being. You may have heard stories of children being shuffled from one home to another. This stressful routine can lead to missing personal items, lost homework, and frazzled parents who are unaware of the schedules the

  • Addiction and Divorce

    Addiction and Divorce

    When you think of reasons for divorce, infidelity and financial issues may come to mind. Another common reason for divorce is addiction. Addiction is the third leading cause of divorce. An addiction to drugs or alcohol is not only unhealthy for the body, but it can be damaging to a marriage, as well, especially if

  • Infidelity and Divorce

    Infidelity and Divorce

    Some couples are committed to staying married for life. There may be just a couple things that would ruin their marriage and cause them to file for divorce – abuse and infidelity. Unfortunately, both situations are common in marriages in America. Infidelity is actually on the rise, and it is threatening many marriages as social

  • Social Effects of Divorce

    Social Effects of Divorce

    Many people are stuck in bad marriages. They think that divorce is not an option because they have to stay together for the kids. Yet many kids and adults are children of divorce. Are they any worse off than children whose parents are still married? Research seems to think so. Parental divorce tends to affect

  • When Business Owners Divorce

    When Business Owners Divorce

    In many divorces, the house is the most sought-after asset. When a business is involved, both spouses are often fighting for their fair share, especially if the company is profitable. This can be frustrating, particularly if only one spouse owns the business and is in charge of its day-to-day operations. If you are the sole

  • Common Mistakes Men Make After Divorce

    Common Mistakes Men Make After Divorce

    You may hear stories about women who have gone through a terrible divorce and feel devastated over the process. Maybe their husband got most of the assets. Maybe he got custody of the kids. However, while it can be difficult for anyone involved in a divorce to move on and find happiness again, it can

  • Pets and Divorce: What Does Florida Law Say?

    Pets and Divorce: What Does Florida Law Say?

    In a Florida divorce, parents are awarded custody of their children, along with schedules for visitation and timesharing. However, there are no such allowances made for pet owners in a divorce. Under state law, pets are treated as an asset and are subject to equitable distribution. This means that one party gets to keep the