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  • Keeping Conflict Away from Children During Divorce

    Divorce can often be a contentious experience. It is never an easy process and can take an emotional toll on the strongest of individuals. It can also cause conflict that has remained under the surface to bubble up or even cause conflict to arise that did not previously exist. In the midst of divorce and

  • Florida Collaborative Divorce

    Divorce can often be a contentious process, and it is typically unpleasant for all parties no matter how good of terms you remain on with your soon-to-be ex. Lawmakers and courts continuously search for ways to make divorce more palatable, easier, and more convenient for parties involved in the process. PR Newswire reports that a

  • Breaking the News: Talking About Your Divorce

    It is difficult to break bad news to anyone, and telling people about your divorce is no exception. Most people do not get married planning to divorce, so telling those around you about your divorce can be intimidating and discouraging. Below are some helpful tips adapted from DivorceMagazine.com for talking about divorce with various people

  • Navigating High Conflict Divorce

    Divorce is a stressful process for everyone involved, no matter how amicable the relationship between spouses remains throughout. Inevitably, every divorce will have some type of conflict that arises. In situations where a divorce is rife with conflict, the process can be even more difficult. Being able to recognize and navigate a high conflict divorce

  • Steps in a Florida Divorce

    While each Florida divorce is unique to the individuals experiencing it, there are some common characteristics that apply to all divorces. For instance, most divorces go through the same basic divorce process. Understanding what happens during each phase of the Florida divorce process can help you be better prepared for those experiences, which in turn

  • Navigating Tax Issues in Your Florida Divorce

    Divorce can come with significant tax consequences. We always suggest that you speak with an experienced Florida divorce attorney and/or a financial planner who has experience with the divorce process in order to fully understand the impact taxes might have on you during and after your divorce. As taxes are a complicated subject, it is

  • Common Financial Mistakes in a Florida Divorce

    Divorce is a complicated process, even for individuals who agree on many of the terms of a divorce settlement. There are still extremely important nuances in the law, which is why working with an experienced Florida divorce attorney is an important part of the Florida divorce process. Often, it is easy to make financial mistakes

  • Financial Tips for After Your Florida Divorce is Finalized

    Most people do not get married with the expectation that they will get divorced. When a marriage deteriorates to the point at which divorce is inevitable, it can being on a range of different emotions. People experience anger, pain, frustration, loneliness, relief, and myriad other emotions as a result of divorce. While the period of

  • Managing Conflict During Divorce

    More often than not, communication can be extremely difficult during a divorce. This is especially true when a divorce is the result of one spouse’s actions, which may severely strain the relationship he or she has with the other spouse. Even when couples going through a divorce are on good terms and able to communicate

  • How Will a Florida Divorce Affect Your Retirement?

    With growing numbers of older Americans choosing to get divorced, important questions linger about how a divorce will affect a person’s retirement. While this is certainly a very real fear for older Americans navigating divorce, it is also important for younger couples to consider, too. Divorce can have a significant impact on your retirement, and