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  • Risks of Online Document Preparation for your Divorce

    In this modern age of information, it is possible to find tutorials or advice on how to do practically anything you want to do. From auto repair to food preparation, there is an abundance of services available that help you do whatever you want to do. There are even websites or services that assist you

  • Can Use of Corporal Punishment Affect Child Custody in Florida?

    A majority of adults can remember a time when corporal punishment was a fairly common thing. Whether it was a rapping on the knuckles, or a full on paddling, forms of acceptable discipline for children has changed over the years. Even school systems have shown this trend against corporal punishment. Nowadays, only a minority of

  • The Marital Home Before Divorce

    Most people are familiar with the concept of property division in divorce. Once the judge has made a ruling, both parties will generally get a division of the marital property, which includes the marital home. In most cases, one party gains the marital home through the divorce, while the other must find a new place

  • Unique Issues When Partners Live in Different States

    While it’s not uncommon for people to move for work or family reasons, there are times when it may be necessary for spouses who are still married to live apart. While they are still married, and still carry the same responsibilities of marriage, it is important to remember that the law is broad and each

  • What are “Hidden Assets” and What Can be Done about Them?

    Divorce can carry with it a lot of issues that range from financial to emotional. Whether it’s deciding what property goes with which spouse, or dividing up business assets, there can be many considerations that make a divorce a stressful and complex process. There are times, however, when a spouse makes things harder than they

  • The Upcoming Same-Sex Marriage Cases

    What is on the Line and How May it Affect Florida Residents From abortion to gun rights, every big legal issue has its proponents and opponents. The issue of same-sex marriages is no different. Ever since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 2013, states have begun changing their stance

  • What Happens to Back Child Support when the Non-paying Parent Dies in Florida?

    Divorces involving minor children can be difficult for all parties. It is not easy for one parent to be separated from a child, or even to have a court restrict a parent’s time with the child. There are times, however, when not everybody is as cooperative as they should be when involved in the divorce

  • Special Considerations in a High Net-Worth Divorce

    Divorce can be a complex matter in a person’s life. Between the property division, support arrangements, and possibly even child custody considerations, even the most typical of divorces can have life changing consequences. In a high-net divorce, however, there are special considerations that should be taken into account when going through the divorce process. Due

  • Moving out of State with a Child after Divorce

    Divorce is rarely an easy matter to deal with. Not only are there financial matters that concern both parties, but in cases where there is a child, there are extra considerations that have effects long after the actual divorce. In a custody determination, the courts are concerned with the best interests of the child. What

  • Can a Divorce Agreement be Modified for Hidden Assets

    Divorce issues can cause a lot of conflict between spouses. The issues of who gets what, or who has custody of the children can prove to be stressful and complex during divorce proceedings. Sometimes, however, there are situations where parties to a divorce aren’t entirely forthcoming. Assets not revealed to the court during divorce proceedings,