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  • How Do You Value a Business During Divorce?

    Financial disclosure is a necessary part of the divorce process in the state of Florida. This can be a great deal more complicated than simply providing pay stubs, tax forms, and bank statements – particularly when you own a business. Calculating the value of your business can be a very confusing process, and you must

  • Lifestyle Clauses in Prenuptial Agreements

    When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were married in 2000, it was widely reported that they had signed a prenuptial contract that promised her a $5 million “straying fee” if he cheated on her. At the time, such a clause was seen as highly unusual. But since then, these kind of lifestyle clauses – which

  • Marriage Equality Update

    Decisions in recent cases have resulted in same-sex marriage becoming legal in Florida since January 6, 2015.  These decisions have determined that the state’s ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional and therefore not valid.  Currently Florida is the 36th state in the union to allow same-sex marriages. Marriage Equality History Florida banned same-sex marriage in

  • Taking The Leap

    In a recent article we talked about the fact that January is a very popular month for people to file for divorce, for a number of reasons.  In this article we are going to talk about what to do if you have decided that your marriage has gotten to the point where the only answer

  • January Divorce Filings

    It is very interesting to note that in January, the rate of divorce filings increases dramatically.  According to general belief, the rate climbs as much as 33% in January.  Rumor has it that January is known as “divorce season.”  Actually, the first three months of the year are “divorce season,” as the filings spike in

  • Dis-Establishing Paternity

    What is Paternity? Paternity is basically parental right and obligation of a father.  You have the right to make decisions on behalf of your child, or minor in your care, if you are the presumed, proven or appointed legal guardian.  You also have the obligation to protect, maintain and care for said child or minor.  

  • Coping With the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us, and for the newly divorced, or those in the process of a divorce, coping with the holidays can be a bit rough emotionally.  Even if you were the one who initiated the divorce, the changes in your life can take an emotional toll during the holidays.  You may be feeling

  • The Effect of the SCRA on Child Custody

    When a servicemember who has primary custody of a child deploys they must have a family care plan that lays out who will take care of the child(ren) during their absence. A dispute over custody can arise when a third party, usually a grandparent or another close relative of the servicemember, is given physical custody

  • Financial Disclosure in a Florida Divorce

    If there are issues of child support, division of marital assets and possibly alimony, one of the necessary parts of a divorce proceeding in Florida is the mandatory financial disclosure of the parties. Sometimes the extent of the disclosure comes as a bit of a shock, because it requires an in-depth analysis of the financial

  • Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2: Modication of Interstate Child Support In Part I of Interstate Child Support we discussed enforcing child support orders when one, or both, parents no longer reside in Florida. But what if you want to modify your child support order? Whether you are seeking to lower your child support payments