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  • Are you ready to leave your marriage?

    Making the decision He still leaves the toilet seat up.  She still hogs the covers.  Is that really it?  Or is it something more?  He doesn’t appreciate you? She isn’t interested in you?  How do you know when it’s time to end it? Obviously if there’s verbal or physical abuse, or an addiction problem, that’s

  • Difficult Divorce: It Doesn’t Need To Be

    Difficult Divorce: It Doesn’t Need To Be

    So You’re Ready to End Your Marriage It’s just not working. You know it; your spouse knows it. Your friends know it. The time has come to do something about it. You don’t want an emotional, hateful, negative experience. You want to remember the good things and end it the same way you started it.

  • Helping Children Cope With Divorce

    Helping Children Cope With Divorce

    You and your spouse have agreed that the time has come to dissolve your marriage. You know this is the right thing to do, but you are both concerned about the children. They should be your top priority right now, but how do you go about helping them deal with the change and the loss

  • 9 Tips On How To Survive A Divorce

    9 Tips On How To Survive A Divorce

    9 Tips On How To Survive A Divorce Divorce is never easy, and even if you were the one to file suit for divorce, it still is an emotional event.  Know that it will take some time for you to feel normal again.  According to some experts, this usually takes about two years. The following

  • Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support?

    Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support?

    Are Extracurricular Activities Included in Child Support? When a couple with children divorces, there is almost always an award of child support.  The parents are expected to split the costs of raising the children.  Usually the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent some amount to help with the cost of housing, food, clothing and other costs

  • Alimony Reform

    Recently there has been a movement afoot in Florida to reform the current alimony laws.   In 2013 Governor Rick Scott refused to sign a law that would reform alimony as we know it in Florida.  The originators of that bill decided not to re-introduce the law for 2014, but do expect a new version to

  • Remarriage After Divorce – How Will It Affect Me?

    Remarriage After Divorce – How Will It Affect Me?

    Remarriage After Divorce Many times after a divorce people move on to other relationships.  Some of these result in second (or third, or….) marriages.  Often people do not realize how a new marriage will affect the settlement achieved in the dissolution of their prior marriage. Things that need to be considered are alimony or spousal

  • Modification of Alimony In Forida

    Modification of Alimony In other articles we have talked about the criteria for alimony awards and the different types of alimony available under Florida law.  Now we will discuss how an alimony award can be modified – in which circumstances and the criteria that must be met. The Florida statutes dictate when a modification of

  • Alimony Criteria – Part 3

    Alimony Criteria – Part 3

    Alimony Criteria In the last few weeks we have been discussing various aspects of alimony in Florida.  We talked about the various types of alimony (temporary, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, permanent and lump sum) and we began discussing the criteria for awarding alimony. The Florida statutes set out 10 criteria to consider in an award for

  • Modification of Child Support

    Modification of Child Support

    The obligation to pay child support is a fact of post-divorce life in Florida.  In a divorce proceeding, the courts will put an Order of Child Support in place to ensure the children are taken care of financially.  This obligation cannot be waived or contracted around, unlike other some other rights and obligations. Another fact