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  • Survey Says Sharing Chores Helps Save Marriages

    There are many reasons why people choose to get a divorce. Ultimately, the choice to divorce is deeply personal and the circumstances that lead to divorce are unique to every situation. However, there are some common reasons that people get divorced. Some of them are obvious, like money. Fighting over finances is one of the

  • Florida Child Custody and Relocation

    Many situations in life are not ideal, which is one of the reasons some couples turn to divorce. Sometimes, a divorce can provide new opportunities and experiences for both spouses in many different parts of their individual lives. Some changes that may take place could involve relocating. People relocate after a divorce to be closer

  • Financial Planning for a Florida Divorce

    It is no secret that divorce can take its toll on a person’s finances. There are legal bills, court costs, potential support payments, and many other financial concerns that need to be addressed. As with many other things in life, proper planning can help you avoid many of the financial pitfalls that can accompany divorce.

  • Things to Remember About Florida Divorce

    Divorce is a deeply personal experience. There are some common positive and negative aspects to the divorce process that are somewhat universal, but exactly how divorce will affect you depends on your individual circumstances. Preparing for the different aspects of divorce can help you transition through the divorce process in a healthier and more focused

  • Coping with Different Parenting Styles After Divorce

    Divorce is almost certain to be a difficult process for everyone involved. Children can make the process exponentially more difficult as parents considering divorce try to make decisions they believe are in their children’s best interest. Sometimes, the decisions parents make for their children can differ from how the other parent may have handled a

  • Taxes and Your Florida Divorce

    Florida divorce can be a difficult and confusing process. That is why it is important to work with an experienced Florida divorce attorney that focuses his or her practice on working with clients facing similar issues. When you begin the divorce process and as you navigate through it, doing so without the help of an

  • Telling Your Kids About Your Florida Divorce

    Florida divorce is a complicated process. It is never easy, no matter how beneficial a tool it might be for any given individual. It will certainly take an emotional, mental, and financial toll on both spouses even if they are able to remain on amicable terms with one another. In fact, even if you have

  • How Does a Florida Divorce Affect Your Estate Plan?

    Marriage can intertwine two people’s lives more than they notice. That means that when married couples decide to pursue divorce, they will need to begin to separate all areas of their lives that have been woven together. That could mean negotiating a settlement with each other or between their respective lawyers. It may mean hashing

  • Common Mistakes in Gray Divorce

    There are many reasons why individuals get divorced. Some common reasons include infidelity, financial disagreements, or simply growing apart. As you can imagine, these types of circumstances can arise at almost any point during a marriage. For baby boomers, these issues have become increasingly common later in life. This has led to an increase in

  • Adultery and Florida Divorce

    Divorce is a deeply personal process and nobody has exactly the same divorce experience as anyone else. However, as individualized as the Florida divorce process ultimately is, there are some similarities between the reasons people often choose to get divorced. One of those reasons is when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. Cheating on