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  • Financial Disclosure in a Florida Divorce

    If there are issues of child support, division of marital assets and possibly alimony, one of the necessary parts of a divorce proceeding in Florida is the mandatory financial disclosure of the parties. Sometimes the extent of the disclosure comes as a bit of a shock, because it requires an in-depth analysis of the financial

  • Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2

    Interstate Child Support – Part 2: Modication of Interstate Child Support In Part I of Interstate Child Support we discussed enforcing child support orders when one, or both, parents no longer reside in Florida. But what if you want to modify your child support order? Whether you are seeking to lower your child support payments

  • The Deposition Process

    You have just gotten a call from your divorce attorney saying the other side’s attorney has scheduled a deposition for you. It has made you somewhat nervous, especially when your attorney says you must meet prior to the deposition to “prep” you for it. The key here – keep calm and carry on. Before you

  • Part I: Enforcement of Interstate Child Support

    Part I: Enforcement of Interstate Child Support

    An Existing Court Order The starting point for enforcement of child support payments against a parent who no longer lives in Florida begins with a child support order. An order must exist before there can be any enforcement. If you are owed child support pursuant to a divorce decree or had the courts involved in

  • Mediation – An Alternative Approach

    Mediation – An Alternative Approach

    Many times couples who are divorcing are looking for a method of resolving their disputes that offers an alternative to having a court decide such important matters as time-sharing, child support and alimony.  Even if there are major points of contention, these often can be resolved through mediation. In Florida, most courts require that the

  • Relocation After A Divorce

    Relocation After A Divorce Your divorce has long been over.  Life is moving along, the parenting plan is working fairly well and the children have pretty well adjusted to their new circumstances.  You have primary physical custody of the children, and your ex has generous time-sharing.   Now your company has offered you a promotion in

  • Post-Divorce Counseling – Why Everyone Can Benefit

    Let’s assume your divorce has been final for some time.  You have a parenting plan in place for the children, but for some reason you and your ex are still arguing over details. There can be great benefit from counseling post-divorce to learn to navigate the waters of being The Ex.  Sometimes divorced couples get

  • Loose Ends: What Paperwork Needs to Be Done After a Divorce

    In the aftermath of a divorce there are a number of “cleanup” items to attend to in order to ensure that your newly single life will move along smoothly.  While these things are often very far down on the list of priorities (keeping the kids fed and chauffeured are at the top of that list!),

  • Domestic Violence in Florida – Part 1

    We are seeing a great deal of coverage in the news about professional athletes accused of varying types of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is a crime, but all too often the criminal aspect of this is pushed aside because of other considerations, such as economic factors.  Domestic violence can spill over from the spouse as

  • Proving Income For Support & Alimony Purposes

    In a dissolution proceeding you both must provide financial information so the court may determine what the child support and (in some cases) alimony amounts will be in effect going forward. What is Income? For the purpose of support and maintenance issues, income is funds from any source, including wages, tips, commissions, overtime, benefits, interest