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  • How Is Child Custody Determined?

    How Is Child Custody Determined?

    In Florida, when parents are getting a divorce, one of the major issues is who will have primary custody of the children.  Actually, it is not even called “primary custody” in Florida; the term used now is “time sharing.” It used to be that mothers were considered the best parent to have primary custody.  That

  • Who Gets The House After The Divorce?

    In the dissolution of a marriage, Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that all marital property will be split equally unless there is some reason not to do so. For many couples, their house is their largest asset. Assuming that your house was purchased during your marriage, and that the home is held

  • Courtroom Etiquette – What Do I Say, Where Do I Say?

    Your Day In Court The day of reckoning (for your marriage, anyway) is almost here.  You are probably a little nervous about your court appearance.  Your attorney should help prepare you for this appearance, but we offer a few tips here to try to calm the nerves. What to Wear? The biggest thing to understand

  • How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Case

     There are lots of listings online and in the yellow pages (if anyone even uses those anymore!) for divorce attorneys.  It can be daunting trying to figure out who will best represent your interests.  How to choose the right attorney for your case is a complicated decision that requires clear thinking.Contemplating divorce can be emotionally

  • How is Child Support Calculated?

    We’re often asked “how is child support calculated?” – There are a number of factors that go into answering this question. Here are some of the things we look at to determine this: Child Support vs. Timesharing Florida takes the issue of child support very seriously.  Also keep in mind that child support and time-sharing

  • How Cohabitation Impacts Alimony Payments

    How Cohabitation Impacts Alimony Payments

    Let’s assume for this discussion that you have settled your divorce, the kids are coping with the change in their lives. You have moved on from your divorce and have found a wonderful new partner in life. You are thinking about moving in with them and taking that relationship to the next level. You should

  • When Does Child Support End?

    What is child support? Child support is a parent’s legal obligation to provide for their children.  It is the responsibility of both parents.  The money actually belongs to the children and is to be used only for them, to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care – the necessities of life.  Child support payments cannot be

  • Seeking a Divorce Settlement? Where to Begin

    Seeking a Divorce Settlement? Where to Begin

    Where do I begin? Deciding to end your marriage is not easy decision to make. There are so many emotions involved, and it can seem completely confusing It may not be easy to think in a calm, rational manner during this time, but if you want the best result for your divorce, with the least

  • Children First!

    Parental responsibility and child related issues are the most emotionally charged issues of all divorce cases. The duties and responsibilities of the divorcing parents and the family court judge are the greatest and most complex. When divorcing parents hand over the responsibilities of parenthood to the judicial branch of government to decide the most intimate

  • How Not To Act – Even When Upset!

    It is beneficial to your case to act appropriately at all times. There is no benefit to acting with rage or immaturity during mediation or in the courtroom. When addressing the court you will be judged in much better light if you are courteous and act appropriately. Remember, you are being judged by a stranger,