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How Can I Save My Marriage?

In order to get married the law requires consent from both husband and wife. However, in order to get divorced, Florida does not require consent of both parties. Florida only requires the testimony of one party that he or she does not wish to be married any more. This means a Florida court must grant a petition for divorce even if the other spouse claims that the marriage is not over and wants to remain married!

Florida does not have a mandatory waiting period before filing a petition for divorce in the court. Florida does not require a waiting period or cooling off period after a petition is filed in the court.

This means that saving your marriage is really a daily effort from the beginning. Each spouse should treat the each other as you did before you got married. Generally, everyone is on their best behavior towards one another while dating and before you get married. You will be relying on the behavior of your fiancé to determine if that person will be the same towards you after you consent to a lifetime commitment at your wedding ceremony. It is commonly said people are not on their best behavior after they get married; that they now feel taken for granted and are no longer cherished like they were when pursued for marriage. It is a huge mistake to change your behavior towards your spouse after you get married. After all if you were to act that way towards me before we got married, I would not have gone out with you in the first place. So what gives anyone the right to treatment me poorly now?

Many times the relationship cannot be saved. There are many, many reasons for this. The important thing to remember is that there are three components to the marital relationship: (1) individual growth and development for you, (2) individual growth and development for your spouse, and (3) growth and development as a married couple.

These three areas must grow and develop to maintain the strong bonds between you and your spouse. If one area is lacking growth and development then the weakness will break the bonds of marriage.

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