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Thank you so much Mr. Stadler for working on my case and telling me the truth even when I didn’t want to accept it. I’m glad I had you to represent me and I will definitely refer you to anyone. I appreciate your honesty and professionalism.

– W. A. 04/16/2014

The Greatest divorce attorney of all time!

– J. K. 04/14/2014

Funny how you are so well known in your field, and nobody messes with the “shark” as the other attorney put it to my ex!!!LOL so glad you are in my corner.

– M. M. 04/03/2014

Thank you for all your help in my case. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without your support. You are a very caring person and a great attorney.

– E. A. 02/18/2014

I want to thank you for your time and quick work. It was so last minute buy you got me in and you put extra effort in my case not even knowing me and I am very grateful.

– S. P. 02/04/2014

Thank you for everything Scott. I am glad that the divorce went smooth. If I know if anyone in your area looking for a divorce attorney, I will send them over to you.

– J. B. 01/14/2014

I would like to thank you for all your support and help over the past few years. You are a great attorney and a good friend.

– W. P. 12/17/2013

You are superb! Thanks so much.

– J. D. 12/11/2013

Thank you. I was very pleased with your services. I have never had to use a lawyer and appreciated the way you treated me from the beginning. Your patience and attitude meant a great deal to me and gave me confidence that I could finally get divorce after so much time. I have submitted a Google review and expect to recommend you frequently. Best wishes.

– J. D. 08/26/2013

Thank you for your empathy, wisdom and professionalism. My gratitude is boundless and thanks heartfelt. Thank you.

– V. R. 06/2013

Thank you for the excellent work you are doing. I really appreciate your attention to detail. How through you are and the great care that you take in this matter. I know me and the kids are in good hands. Thanks again.

– L. C. 02/28/2013

Thank you for making this as smooth as it could be.

– M. G. 11/29/2012

Just wanted to say thank you. You are the best. Thank you for being there for me and my family.

– R. G. 09/12/2012

I truly thank you both you and your legal assistant for bring this once truly painful matter to an end, you’ve been a great help every step of the way. Once again, I thank you for all you have done.

– R. S. 07/27/2012

It really has been great pleasure having you as my attorney. You have done an exceptional job in your effort to effectively bringing this process to a close. I will always remember the work that you and your assistant have done for me; and I will recommend any one who is seeking an attorney for representation. Thank again for everything.

– G. S. 07/26/2012

I am very happy that my custody case is now over. You are the best! Thank you!

– L. C. 06/18/2012

I want to thank you for your help at one of the most difficult times of my life. Family is very important and it’s very hard to find someone who believes the same.

– M. O. 05/31/2012

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. You are very professional and sweet. Thanks for being on my side. My husband and I are going to work on our marriage. I am optimistic, if not I have you on speed dial… LOL Thank you again.

– T. S. 05/23/2012

I want to tell you how grateful we are for having you on our side! Thank you!

– S. 05/17/2012

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it and thank you for all your well wishes. I will refer you in the future to anyone else.

– K. S. 09/19/2011

I truly appreciate all your help in getting my divorce finalized. I will definitely refer other to you who may be in a similar situation.

– E. G. 09/11/2011

Thanks so much Scott, you are the best!

– N. K. 11/11/2010

So happy ! Thank you so much for all your help and thanks for being such a caring person, not just an attorney! I am very excited that I am able to have this behind me and keep my beautiful house where I feel so happy.

– I. D. 10/05/2010

I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything you have done for us. We really appreciate it.

– K. & G. 2010

Thank you dearly for your continued hard work and support through the last year.

– B. & A. 03/17/2010

I can’t thank you enough for helping me obtain one of the fastest divorces ever. At first I feared all the paperwork, but you simplified everything and made it easy. In addition you went above and beyond the call of duty. Knowing that my goal was to move out of the state by January. I first contacted you in October and I was divorce by Mid December, that was miraculous! Thanks again so much. I was fortunate to find you and would recommend you to anyone getting a divorce.

– S. K. 2010

Thank you for taking over my case and skillfully bringing it to a closure. Your confidence brought me comfort at a time when I had no confidence of my own. It was a pleasure working with you.

– L. G. 2010

Just can’t thank you enough.

– N. & B. 2010

I cant thank you enough for handling my divorce. You are not only a professional, but you are a very caring and compassionate. You made the process very easy for me. All the best to you. I wish Michelle the same as you are very lucky to have her as your assistant. Thank you so much!

– I. D. 12/2009

Thank you again for your good work. You were wonderful!

– R., M., A. & S. 09/17/2009

You are terrific. Thank you for making a difficult time easier.

– A. 2009

Thanks again for your professionalism and patience. You are a good man.

– T. G. 2009

Thank you so much for your professionalism and being such a wonderful person.

– J. M. 01/2009

Thanks you so much for your support with my divorce. I will continue to refer clients to you for sure. However I am hoping to not need your services again. Should I need help you will be the first person I call.

– L. R. 12/2008

Attorney Scott Stadler was able to get us the results my girlfriend and I needed. You are not DIVORCED! Attorney Stadler was very professional from the beginning…THANKS SCOTT!

– B. 11/20/2008

My ex-wife was asking the court to move my child from the only home he has ever known in Florida, to the state of Delaware so she could be with her new love interest. The Guardian Ad Litem also stongly recommended to the judge that it was OK for my son to move. The court usually sides with a Guardians’s recommendation, however, Scott Stadler was brilliant in his questioning of the Guardian as to why he went the way h did. He also cross examined my ex-wife as well and uncovered many untruths. Scott also showed how the guardian actually had no done his homework. Bottom line is that my son will get to stay in Florida, thanks to the excellent work by Scott Stadler. I can tell you that Scott was working on my case sometimes at 10 :00 p.m. at night. I highly recommend Scott Stadler, if you are in need of a great, great attorney. My number is available from Scott if you need any info. My son will have a great life…thanks to Scott Stadler for fighting for his rights.

– M. S. 07/28/2008

Your professionalism and understanding are exemplary as I am privileged and honored to have you representing me.

– T. G. 11/13/2008

Thanks for helping me with my divorce process. I felt treated like a long time friend, not as a new client. Thanks Scottie.

– E. L. 05/29/2007

Thanks again for all your help. You will never know how much we appreciate what you have done for us!

– B. & K. 09/2005

Scott, You’re a pitbull with a pen! Thanks for all your help.

– J. D. 2005

Words can say so little when someone has done so much, but I thank you with all my heart.

– K. H. 06/20/2005

Three lawyers, three judges and they just could not win…Pat yourself on the back.

– R. L. 04/07/2005

Thank you for all your time and hard work! You are truly a blessing…and Michelle Also!

– Z. B. 03/10/2005

Thank you-Thank you! You are the BEST! You gave me so very much! Knowing that I had you in my corner made me at ease & took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Even through my crazy moments you patience showed & calmed my fears. Thank you again for giving my life back to ME & my girls.

– J. B. 2004

I was truly impressed with the friendliness and professionalism in which you handled yourself, and make sure I’ll be more than happy to recommend you as an attorney in general. It is not every day one can say they were pleased with the service a particular attorney gave to an individual, but I can assure , you deserve the compliment not only as an attorney but as a human being. Thank you once again, your service was more than excellent.

– M. R. 10/06/2004

I want to thank you for the guidance and support during a journey of my life I will never forget. Because of you, Scott, I now have peace of mind and I couldn’t done it without you. Thanks again.

– M. 09/2003

Thank you for all your time, dedication and guidance into my divorce. Things would have been so different if you would have handled my case from the beginning. What took 10+ months to resolve, only took you 1 month! I was blessed to have met you.

– J. 2003